Pure-Chemical Science and Research Group:

I attended a training/research program at UAE University, Al-Ain, UAE, during summer 2012, which focused on the use of COMSOL software to model membrane contactors. At first, I expected that it will be a temporary period to learn a new field of research in chemical engineering; however, as time passed, beauty of modeling and simulation attracted me and as a consequence, after coming back to Iran, I established the Pure-Chemical Science and Research Group (PChSRG) in order to advance in this field of research.

As the president of PChSR Group, I am privileged to have the opportunity to interact with other members of the group who are excellent students from various universities in Iran. This group of around twelve undergraduate students aims to model various aspect of hollow fiber membrane contactors under real conditions.

Since our founding, we have presented two national conference papers from the activities of this research group.